Apptown Offers Convenience With Official Launch

Friday, August 19, 2011 11:58
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Apptown offers convenience for people who want to download or upload apps as it will be officially launching the website,, this coming April 22.

Apptown makes uploading and downloading applications for different smartphones faster and easier and almost absolutely free.

The different smartphones included for the applications offered by the site are Android phones, Apple, Blackberry, Palm, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone 7 and WebOS.

Uploading applications to app for android is very fast, with upload times of less than a day, and developers don’t need to wait for days or weeks for their applications to be published and marketed. There is no registration fee for apps, thereby making it easier for developers to upload their apps to this site.

Downloading applications will also be easier and faster, and most of the applications can be downloaded for free. There is a forum on the site where people can suggest which smartphones or applications should be added to the list if they don’t find their desired apps for their smartphones on the website.

For those developers who are looking into uploading their applications to this site for free publishing and marketing, Apptown suggests that they do it before the date of the official launch. This will secure them the top spots on the website, which will increase their traffic, their sales and their income.

Apptown believes that the success of the website is also the success of the developers, and that is why Apptown gives so much importance to its valued subscribers.

The creators of Apptown want to give a home to each application created by developers in their own town on this website, in order to fulfill the domain name of the site. This is one of the main goals that Apptown aims to achieve, to create a town-like environment for its valued subscribers.

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