Three tips to compete with established websites on Google

Thursday, February 19, 2009 2:23
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Old websites have a big advantage over new websites. Websites that were around several years ago had far fewer competitors and it was much easier for them to get high rankings in that environment.

As these websites have been around for a long time, search engines trust them more and they had a lot of time to get inbound links. If you have a new website, it will be difficult to compete with these established sites.

It is possible to compete with the big players if you have a new website. Here are three tips that will help you to compete with established websites:

  1. Use less popular versions of your target keywords
    It's nearly impossible to get high rankings for competitive keywords. Of course, these keywords should be included on your web pages but you should also optimize your web pages for less popular keywords that are not targeted by your competitors.
    If your competitors target the keyword "pizza new york" then you might optimize one of your pages for "pizza new york". Even if your version of the keyword gets only a fraction of the original keyword, you will still get more visitors than before.
    It is much better to rank #1 for a slightly less popular keyword (you will get some visitors) than to rank #60 for a very popular keyword (you will get no visitors).
  2. Optimize your web pages for as many keyword variations as possible
    Repeat tip 1 with as many keywords as possible. For example, you might use "best pizza in new york", "recommended pizza restaurant new york", etc. Even if each keyword delivers only some visitors, you will get many visitors with all keywords combined.
    Another advantage of getting high rankings for many of these long keywords is that your website becomes relevant to a topic. The more high rankings your website has for keywords that are relevant to a topic, the easier it gets to get high rankings for more competitive keywords.
    Optimize different pages of your website for different keywords and optimize as many web pages as possible. People who search for long keywords are usually people who really care about the subject. These people are more likely to buy something and they might also link to your site.
  3. Create web pages just for getting links
    Some web pages on your website should generate revenue, others should help you to get inbound links. The more inbound links your website has, the easier it is to get high rankings.
    Create web pages that solve the problems of the web searchers. Write "how to" articles about a very special topic. These web pages often get many inbound links. Of course, you should also actively build inbound links.

Getting high rankings for a new website is not difficult if you choose the right way. Do not attack the big players directly. Start with many related keywords and then proceed to the more competitive keywords.

Focus on both optimizing your web pages and getting good inbound links. Your website must have good optimized content and good inbound links if you want to get high rankings on Google.


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