3 Marketing strategies for small and medium B2B websites you must know

Friday, August 27, 2010 21:10

The world belongs to B2B players if you play it right. But how can you win the game when your B2B website is just starting up? What should you put in your website? And what could you do with the limited fund? You may get some inspirations in this article.

Content as much as possible
Your visitors want to get as much information as possible in your website. They are not tourists who come here just to see how beautiful your site is, instead they want INFORMATION. From industry news, yellow page to trade trends, put all the useful information you can ever find in your website. It would be perfect if every category is over 10 pages, thus will make your website look like one that has been established for a very long time. As everyone can see, you win the trust of your visitors.

Add new information gradually
It's good to see new information always, for both the visitors and the search engines. "New" is better than "old", that's the rule. Remember to add something new to your website from now and then and make it a habit for your customers to visit your site regularly. And also the search engine spider will hit your site more and more frequently. By the way, one thing has to be mentioned here is the ORIGINALITY. All of the articles don't need to be original, but at least you have to keep the percentage in a proper range.

Non-business content is necessary
Non-business content include forums, blogs and so on, which is a comparatively cheap marketing channel but often ignored. The non-business part of your website provides professional industry knowledge to the public, useful for those who are looking for learning materials in the internet. You don't expect the non-business part will bring a lot more orders, but more users and stronger influence.

After all, there's still much to explore in the development of small and medium B2B websites. In an extremely promising industry, anyone can make as well as break the rules.

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